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1095-A Form Printable Copy: What to Do?

If you are looking for a 1095-A form, then you have to make an official statement to the IRS about your health insurance. Though the form is rather simple to fill out, you are still advised to find a form 1095-A sample at {website} for your convenience. Before getting to downloading the form, let’s have a better insight into what the form is about.

So what do we use Form 1095-A for? The document, also known as Health Insurance Marketplace Statement, was created along with Obamacare. Acting under the regulations of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the form is provided to individuals and families who have purchased their insurance under the subsidized program. If you have, then you must be using 8962 as a means to declare your premium taxes, and, consequently, the 1095-A health insurance form is mailed to you as well. Still not sure you have received the form? Get a form 1095-A printable PDF here, at {website}, to have a better look at your:
  • Identification information;
  • Effective dates of the insurance;
  • Individual coverage;
  • Scheduled coverage.
After enrolling in the ACA and successfully receiving your health insurance, the IRS will provide you and other participants with the document. Interestingly, the healthcare form 1095-A is not meant for submission but rather for informational purposes. It includes all the information about your current health plan and subsidies provided for you by the government. Besides, a blank form 1095-A is used for keeping track of all benefits and premium tax credit rates to be later added to other forms.

The blank is, normally, not attached to the 8962 form even when you want to declare your Premium Tax Credit for annual tax return. Use a form 1095-A printable template to see the information it includes and whether you need to attach it to the 8962 form. Anyway, you don’t have to fill out and later submit the medical form 1095-A to the IRS since it doesn’t inform the office on any declared taxes itself.

As for the dates, you should be sent a form 1095-A print copy by the IRS sometime between their plan confirmation and January. The year when you receive the form is not the one which is covered by a policy, but the following one. In case you have not received the form, you need to consult HealthCare.gov and request a form 1095-A printable sample either by mailing or online.

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How to Get Form 1095-A Online?
The IRS often starts sending the form before the end of each calendar year (Jan 31st). However, it takes time for the document to arrive because of the high volume of recipients. Therefore, it may take up until the middle of January that you get it. You can also get a Form 1095-A fillable PDF copy directly from the ACA’s website by contacting an official representative.
October 06, 2020
How to Use It?
Again, there is no need to submit the document to the IRS since it has been provided for you just for your understanding and information. The form is normally used to facilitate filing your 8962 form to declare your Premium Tax Credit. Use it to keep track of all the benefits you have received during the calendar year.
September 30, 2020
How to Fill It Out?
If you look at the form, you will see it consists of three sections. In section 1, you have to write down your personal information, including your name, address, SSN, policy expiration date, etc. Section 2 requires you to indicate the subjects of your current health plan, i.e., you (as an individual) and family members. In the last section, you have to designate the premiums you received each month throughout the covered calendar year, as well as your silver plan and advance payments.
September 26, 2020
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